Use on Bed, Children’s Plush toys, living areas, public seating, schools, dorms rooms, hotel rooms and bedding, planes, wherever needed!

Ughbug™... the bedbug detector you can put in your pocket. How does it work? Easy... push the button and the special frequency ultraviolet light will make bedbug droppings and eggs fluoresce. Find a fluorescent spot and you've discovered bedbugs. Use the magnifying lens to identify living bugs as well. Check out your hotel before you sleep in the bed. Use it in dorm rooms, airplane and movie seats, even your own bed. Take it with you wherever you travel. And a bonus… Ughbug™ will also cause the nits from head lice to fluoresce so if you think your child has lice, Ughbug™ will detect them.

No need to hire sniffing dogs, no need to install glue traps. Ughbug™ provides instant detection.

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